Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | October 28, 2011

Origami Contests

     Yo! Alot of people have been making origami contests. Well, I have not one but MANY contests. Here are the charcters: Darth Malak, Darth Nihilus, and a Mandalorian. If you want to see what they look like, go to Google or Youtube and search the following. (Kotor Darth Malak) (Kotor 2 Darth Nihilus) (Kotor Mandelorian). By the way Kotor stands for Knights Of The Old Republic. Here are some non Star Wars people I would like to see: Vega, Spongebob, and a Jackolanturn. Email me the picture to

     All contests, accept Jackolanturn, will be due November 15th. The Jackolanturn is due on Halloween. (You can also make a Skull, too.) Remember, this is my only rule: NO KIRIGAMI! You will be asked for instrux if you win. By the way, feel free to send me the origami pictures even after the due date.

     -Super Folder Matthew

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | October 1, 2011


     Due to an unfortunate turn of events, (Look at me and my big words. ILA is really rubbing off on me!), the internet on my computer is not working. So now I will have to go online on my sister’s laptop. It’s slow so I will only check my email and website only once a week. But I have not stoped using my computer. Before my internet crashed on my computer, I downloaded a game called Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic. It is a single player game so I don’t need internet for it. You play as a dude who is with the Republic. It takes place a few 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin 4. The Republic is at war with the Sith, led by Darth Malak. Malak became the Dark Lord when he betrayed his master, Darth Revan. You end up on a planet called Taris. you have to find a jedi named Bastilla, who is important in the war because of her Battle Meditation. After leaving Taris, you become a Jedi and set out on a quest to find the Star Forge, Darth Malak’s base, which was found by Darth Revan, who is dead, or is he. And you also discover your true identidy…

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | September 21, 2011

Contact Me

     I just got my own email acount up and running.

By the way, Pegio1 is my account name on Club Penguin.

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | September 20, 2011

Another New Page

     Have you ever come to this site expecting instuctions for epic oriagmi and gotten disapointed because of the lack of instructoins. That will NEVER happen again! Now I have made a page with links to instuctions. Go there for more info.

     -Super Folder Matthew

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | September 18, 2011

Survivor South Pacific

     Remember when I told you about Survivor Redemption Island? Now Survivor is back, Redemption Island is back, and two former castaways are back. This season is Ozzy, from Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fans vs. Favorites. Also Coach, from Survivor Tocantins, and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. Who will win? Find out soon…

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | September 7, 2011

My New Project

     Another reason I am busy is becuase I am working on a new project. It is a book with all my origami instructions, and instructions made by Superfolders. More news will come when I finish most of the book.

     -Super Folder Matthew

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | September 5, 2011

Summer’s Over

     Today is the last day of summer, and I’m going into my first year of Middle School. I’m going to be too busy to make posts as often as I used to. Summer was fun, but it just goes by too fast.  😦

     -Super Folder Matthew

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | August 23, 2011

Some Links

     I know that you people don’t like typing in the names of websites, so here are some links to Tom’s blog and the blogs of  superfolders.                             

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | August 19, 2011

New Contest

     Tom and SuperFolder Benji are having a contest, the winner gets a picture from D.P.S.B. in which a sarlac is grabbing Tommy around the neck. Fingers crossed!

     -Super Folder Matthew

Posted by: Super Folder Matthew | August 16, 2011


     Guess what?! Darth Paper arrived in the mail just minutes ago!!! I am going to read it right after making this post!!!

     -Super Folder Matthew 😉




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